How Tiktok Is Changing The Music Industry And Creating New Stars?

Tiktok Is Not Just A Social Media App For Viral Videos And Challenges. It Is Also A Powerful Platform For Discovering New Music And Launching New Artists.

In This Blog Post, We Will Explore How Tiktok Is Changing The Music Industry, From Marketing To Discovery, And Creating New Stars Along The Way.

Marketing On Tiktok

Tiktok Has Become An Essential Promotional Tool For Music Artists And Record Labels. Songs Can Rise Up Organically On The App Even If They Have Been Outside The Mainstream For Decades.

Marketers Can Also Hire Influencers To Help A Song Take Off, Sparking A Wave Of User-Generated Posts From Their Fans.

And Some Artists Even Set Up Private Listening Sessions With Tiktok Influencers In The Hope That It Will Help New Songs Gain Steam On The App.

Tiktok Has A Global Team That Works With Artists And Record Labels, Negotiates Licensing Deals With Rights Holders, And Builds New Ways For Tiktok To Convert Its Cultural Influence Into Recurring Revenue.

The Company Launched In 2022 A Song-Distribution Platform Called Soundon, And May Eventually Roll Out Its Own Music Streaming Service, A Trademark Filing From Its Parent Company Bytedance Suggests.

“Tiktok Has Really Become A Critical Part Of Artist Storytelling,” Kristen Bender, Svp Of Digital Strategy And Business Development At Universal Music Group, Told Insider During A 2021 Webinar On Tiktok’s Impact On The Music Industry.

“Our Labels Have Been Extremely Leaned Into The Platform.”

One Of The Advantages Of Marketing On Tiktok Is That It Allows Artists To Showcase Their Personality And Creativity, As Well As Their Music.

For Example, Megan Thee Stallion Used Tiktok To Promote Her Album Good News By Creating A Series Of Videos Where She Acted Out Different Scenarios Based On Her Songs.

She Also Encouraged Her Fans To Participate In The #Bodyodychallenge, Where They Danced To Her Hit Single “Body”.

Another Example Is Lil Nas X, Who Used Tiktok To Build Hype For His Song “Montero (Call Me By Your Name)” By Teasing Snippets Of The Track And Creating Viral Memes Around It.

He Also Collaborated With Other Popular Tiktokers Like James Charles And Larray To Cross-Promote His Song.

Tiktok Also Hosted Several Live-Streamed Music Events In 2021, Featuring Artists Like Justin Bieber, Billie Eilish, Doja Cat, The Weeknd, And Bts.

These Events Gave Fans An Opportunity To Interact With Their Favorite Artists And Enjoy Exclusive Performances Directly On Their Phones.

Discovery On Tiktok

Tiktok Has Also Become A Go-To Platform For Discovering New Music. Users Interact With Music Differently On The App.

They Are Not Just Listening To Music In A Passive Way, But Are More Likely To Do More Active Activities, Like Creating Playlists, Listening To Full Albums, Or Buying Merchandise.

They Also Respond To Music With Their Own Videos, Using Features Built Into The App Design. They Might Lip-Sync A Song, Make Up A Dance, Or Try To Sing It2.

“It’s Changed Music Listening From Being A One-Way Relationship Where A Song Comes Out And You Listen To It On Your Own, To Something That You Participate In,” Tatiana Cirisano, A Music Industry Analyst And Consultant At The Research Firm Midia Research, Told Npr2.

Songs That Trend On Tiktok Often End Up Charting On The Billboard 100 Or Spotify Viral 50. And 67% Of The App’s Users Are More Likely To Seek Out Songs On Music-Streaming Services After Hearing Them On Tiktok, According To A November 2021 Study Conducted For Tiktok By The Music-Analytics Company Mrc Data1.

Some Of The Most Popular Songs On Tiktok In 2021 Were:

  • Masked Wolf’s “Astronaut In The Ocean”, Which Became The Soundtrack For Videos Showing Dramatic Transformations Or Impressive Skills.
  • Måneskin’s “Beggin’”, Which Was Originally Released In 2017 By The Italian Rock Band But Gained Popularity After They Won The Eurovision Song Contest In 2021.
  • Pinkpantheress’ ‘Just For Me”, Which Was One Of The Leading Tracks Of The Hyperpop Genre, A Style Of Music That Blends Elements Of Pop, Electronic, And Experimental Music.
  • Willow + Tyler Cole And The Anxiety’s “Meet Me At Our Spot”, Which Was Featured In Over 10 Million Videos As Part Of The #Herecomestheboy Trend, Where Users Showed Off Their Pets Or Loved Ones.
  • Saucy Santana’s “Walk”, Which Inspired Users To Strut Their Stuff With Confidence And Sass.

Tiktok Also Introduced Several Music Challenges In 2021, Where Users Were Encouraged To Create Videos Based On A Specific Song Or Theme. Some Of The Most Popular Music Challenges Were:

  • The #Temperaturechallenge, Where Users Danced To Sean Paul’s “Temperature” While Changing Outfits To Match The Weather.
  • The #Poofbegonechallenge, Where Users Lip-Synced To Doja Cat’s “Poof Be Gone” While Pretending To Cast Spells Or Make Things Disappear.
  • The #Begginchallenge, Where Users Danced To Måneskin’s “Beggin ‘’” While Showing Off Their Outfits Or Skills.
  • The #Babychallenge, Where Users Lip-Synced To Justin Bieber’s “Baby” While Acting Cute Or Funny.
  • The #Anacondachallenge, Where Users Danced To Nicki Minaj’s “Anaconda ” While Shaking Their Hips Or Doing Squats.

New Stars On Tiktok

Tiktok Has Also Created New Stars Who Have Skipped The Traditional Path Into The Industry And Gone Straight To Their Fans Instead.

One Example Is Tai Verdes, Who Released His Song “Stuck In The Middle” On Tiktok In 2019 While Working At A Verizon Store.

He Soon Got A Record Deal, Made A Debut Album, And Is Currently On A 22-City Tour Across America. “Stuck In The Middle” Has Been Streamed Well Over 100 Million Times On Spotify.

Another Example Is Gayle Abcdefu, Who Wrote Her Breakup Anthem “Abcdefu” In Her Bedroom And Posted It On Tiktok In November 2021.

The Song Went Viral And Reached No. 1 On Spotify’s Us Top 50 Chart In December 2021. She Signed With Atlantic Records And Is Working On Her First Ep2.

Tiktok Has Also Revived Old Songs And Genres That Have Found New Audiences On The App.

For Instance, Sea Shanties – Centuries-Old Songs Traditionally Sung By Sailors – Became Popular On Tiktok In Early 2021 Thanks To Scottish Singer Nathan Evans Who Posted His Rendition Of “Wellerman”.

The Song Reached No. 3 On The Uk Singles Chart And Evans Got A Record Deal With Polydor Records.

Another Example Is Celine Dion’s “It’s All Coming Back To Me Now”, Which Was Released In 1996 But Became A Hit Again On Tiktok In Late 2021 Thanks To Users Who Used It As A Soundtrack For Dramatic Scenes Or Transformations.

The Song Re-Entered The Billboard Hot 100 Chart At No. 98 In December 2021.


Tiktok Is Changing The Music Industry In Many Ways. It Is A Powerful Platform For Marketing, Discovery, And Creating New Stars.

It Is Also A Place Where Music Enthusiasts Can Express Themselves And Participate In The Music Culture.

Tiktok Has Flipped The Script On The Music Industry, And Everyone From Artists To Analysts And Even Marketing Bosses At The Top Labels Are Hustling To Catch Up.

How Do I Create An Account On Tiktok As An Artist?

To Create An Account On Tiktok As An Artist, You Need To Download The App And Sign Up With Your Phone Number, Email, Or Social Media Account. Then, You Can Choose A Username And Profile Picture, And Select “Artist” As Your Account Type. You Can Also Verify Your Account By Linking It To Your Official Website Or Social Media Accounts.

How Do I Upload My Own Music To Tiktok?

To Upload Your Own Music To Tiktok, You Need To Use A Music Distributor That Works With Tiktok, Such As Distrokid, Tunecore, Cd Baby, Or Unitedmasters. You Can Upload Your Music To The Distributor’s Platform And Select Tiktok As One Of The Stores Where You Want Your Music To Be Available. It May Take A Few Weeks For Your Music To Appear On Tiktok.

How Do I Use Other People’s Music On Tiktok?

To Use Other People’s Music On Tiktok, You Can Either Choose From The Sounds Library In The App, Or Use The “Stitch” Feature To Create A Video On Top Of Another Creator’s Video. You Can Also Search For Sounds By Keywords, Hashtags, Or Genres. When You Use Other People’s Music On Tiktok, You Need To Respect Their Copyrights And Give Them Credit.

How Do I Make My Music Go Viral On Tiktok?

To Make Your Music Go Viral On Tiktok, You Need To Create Engaging And Original Content That Showcases Your Personality And Creativity. You Can Also Participate In Trending Challenges, Hashtags, Or Sounds That Are Relevant To Your Music. You Can Also Collaborate With Other Popular Creators Or Influencers Who Can Help Promote Your Music To Their Followers.

How Do I Get Paid For My Music On Tiktok?

To Get Paid For Your Music On Tiktok, You Need To Register Your Songs With A Performing Rights Organization (Pro) Such As Ascap, Bmi, Or Sesac. These Organizations Collect Royalties From Tiktok And Distribute Them To The Songwriters And Publishers. You Can Also Join The Tiktok Creator Fund, Which Pays Eligible Creators Based On Their Video Views And Engagement.

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